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Four wheelers

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Four wheelers provide an exhilarating experience while exploring the mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and beaches.

For those that enjoy the thrill of four wheeling, the country’s terrain is ideal for this type of sport since you can rent or take a tour through a variety of fascinating sceneries, including beaches like Jacó, Conchal, Flamingo, Tamarindo, Nosara, Manuel Antonio, as well as La Fortuna, Arenal, and Monteverde, among others.



A variety of trails. Many tourist centers offer trails for this type of sport, like, for example, in Miramar, Puntarenas, where you will find three types of trails: the first has muddy trails that wind through the trees, the second crosses over a stone bridge, and the third type offers a view of the forest and the Nicoya gulf.

Another option is the trail in Cartago, a challenging and complex terrain for motocross, four wheeling, and cross country.

For children, there is a trail in La Guácima, Los Arroyo Street in Alajuela, and the La Olla trail in Sabanilla, which brings together the best conditions for competition in the country.

Championships, rallies, and excursions. The following communities organize rally competitions for tourists: Altamira de Aguas Zarcas, La Marina and Almendros de Cutris, in San Carlos; Upala, Caño Ciego de Guatuso and San Gerardo de Río Cuarto de Grecia, are all in Alajuela.

In Guácimo de Limón, there are excursions to farms. The National Cross Country Championship is becoming more and more popular with spectacular acrobatics and maneuvers to the delight of the crowd. There are several categories: Master, Expert, Pre-expert, and Beginners. Die-hard fans can join the Four Wheelers Club, created in 2008.


Challenging Routes

Forest Country

While enjoying the Arenal countryside, riders can travel through exotic tropical plantations where you can observe the majestic La Fortuna waterfall and even take a quick dip in approved areas.

The experience in the Monteverde rainforest includes riding through creeks and a lot of mud, with winding and rocky trails.

The craggy mountains of Quepos provide tropical rustic trails, unpaved roads, huge African palm plantations, cattle farms, and small towns like Naranjito and Villanueva, which sell traditional products.

Muddy trails, clear water creeks, and winding trails through the mountains are all part of the excursion.


Adventure in the Sand

The Pacific coast provides the ideal scenery for families who wish to enjoy beautiful excursions through the mountains and appreciate beaches like Tamarindo, Capitán Island, Playa Grande, and Langosta, as well as impressive sunsets.

Four wheeler tours are provided along with other adventure sports like canopy and surfing, among others.

The small fishing town at Playa Dominical is now one of the preferred destinations for experienced surfers as well as four wheeler excursions.


Around the Central Valley

South of the capital, some 40 minutes from San Jose, marvelous views from the highway are hard to miss as you travel through Aserrí. From the highest point, some 8,200 ft. high, you can see the Central Valley and, if the sky is clear, you can also make out the Poás, Barva, and Irazú volcanoes.

On the other side of the city, in the hills of Escazú, you can travel to coffee plantations near a primary forest with an abundance of flora and fauna.

All out adrenaline!


For Your Safety

  • Always wear a helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing (boots and gloves).

  • Avoid paved roads that can affect handling.

  • Do not remove your feet from the foot rests as it can cause you to lose balance.

  • Check the air pressure in your tires and make sure the nuts of the hub cap are tight.

  • Maintain the oil and fuel levels so they don’t run low.

  • Avoid excessive braking when turning or going over slippery surfaces.

  • For maximum enjoyment, be sure to familiarize yourself with the terrain and the functions of the vehicle. It is not a toy! That’s why it is advisable to travel with an experienced guide. It is not recommendable to take seldom used routes.

  • Avoid dangerous slopes with loose sand.

  • Preserve the environment by minimizing exhaust fumes.

  • Be sure the tour company has a civil responsibility policy.

  • Rentals to minors are not allowed.

  • Avoid heavily trafficked beaches and roads.

  • With respect to group tours, it is recommended to have one guide in front of the pack and one in the back. Assistant vehicles should accompany very large groups that are equipped with radios and cell phones.

  • Ask if the company has a protocol in case of emergency. Safety is top priority.