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Lost Canyon Adventures Canyoneering

Lost Canyon Adventure takes you right to the action as you rappel, climb down steep rocky paths and go river tracing. Each further step is more exciting…

Arenal COMBO Tour: Canyoning + Ziplining

Get a double dose of adrenaline with canyoneering and ziplining in one day! Rappel down amazing waterfalls and hike through rivers in the pristine rainforest canyon. With guided rappells up to 200ft long and high-quality safety gear…

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) on Lake Arenal with Lesson & Tour

Come explore the countryside as you mountain bike through the extraordinary scenery of Volcano Arenal, passing by rural farmlands, small villages, stunning mountains and of course, the Arenal volcano….

Whitewater Rafting Class 3-4 Jungle Run

The Sarapiqui River is one of Costa Rica’s most-exuberant The Sarapiqui River is one of Costa Rica’s most- exuberant rivers and the perfect rafting trip for adventurous paddlers.

Whitewater Rafting Class 3-4 Jungle Run
Rio Celeste National Park Day Tour (Blue River)

The Rio Celeste (Blue River) National Park is a beautiful 1.5-hour scenic drive from the Arenal Volcano through rural Costa Rica.

Rio Celeste National Park Day Tour (Blue River)
Sky Tram Arenal Tour Costa Rica

Sky Tram Arenal Tour Costa RicaCable CarSky Tram Arenal Tour Costa Rica

The slow-paced Sky Tram gondolas soar smoothly through the rain forest, offering up endless views during their mountainous ascent. Accompanied by a bilingual guide, tour takers will be able to stop the tram at any point, a feature that allows for magnificent, one-of-a-kind photographs to be captured and tropical birds to be spotted



Sky Trek Arenal Tour Costa Rica

Sky Tram Arenal Tour Costa RicaZip Line -  Canoy Tour

Sky Tram Arenal Tour Costa Rica

For the ultimate adrenaline rush, try zip lining. You will ride an open-air gondola from the ground to the heights where you’ll be dropped off at an observation deck for fantastic views of the volcano and land below. From the observation deck, return to the ground below by riding down on a  circuit of zip lines stretching across canyons and between treetops.



Sky Walk Arenal Tour Costa Rica

Skay Walk Arenal Tours Costa Rica Sky Walk - Arenal La Fortuna

Sky Walk Arenal La Fortuna - Costa Rica
For a different but no less exhilarating forest adventure, try Sky Walk an impressive series of bridges and paths. Here you can experience spectacular views as you walk across the metal structures over serious heights. Several bridges take you right alongside the canopy of tall trees, some of which have colonized the bridges, draping their woody lianas over the ramparts. Bring binoculars, for here’s your chance to spot birds and howler monkeys at their own level.



MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE: Single-Track Madness Near the Arenal Volcano

MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE: Single-Track Madness Near the Arenal Volcano (Challenging)

It’s got all the perfect elements for an excellent mountain bike ride in Costa Rica — ride through farmland, deep rain forest, cross rivers and mud puddles. You’ll go up and down hills and feel the rush of adrenaline as you finish this intense, 16-km trail with amazing views all around you!

We just discovered this awesome single-track trail near the the Arenal Volcano National Park and you’re going to love it! You’ll have spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano and impressive forests that surround you!

We pick you up at your hotel and drive toward the Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal to a private farm that has been specially designed for ardent mountain bikers. We’ll get you fitted with your good-quality Cannondale bike with suspension and nice fat tires. Don your helmet and gloves, get a safety speech, double-check the map and then you’re off on a sweet, hardcore, guided-mountain bike ride near the Arenal Volcano!

We call it Singe-Track Madness because the trails are challenging and fun. This mountain bike ride near the Arenal Volcano comes with a guide, snacks and transportation. All you need to bring is your stamina and sense of adventure!

Includes: Brand-name professional suspension mountain bikes, gloves, helmets, bike guide, transport, snack

Duration Approximately: 4 hours

Please note: there is no support vehicle on this trail as it takes you into the forest and is inaccessible to regular vehicles. Not for the faint of heart

Arenal Volcano & Rainforest Natural History Guided Walk

Arenal Volcano & Rainforest Natural History Guided Walk

The quintessential Arenal Volcano tour to do when you’re in La Fortuna!

The Arenal Volcano Rainforest & Natural History tour takes you through lush rainforest along the base of Costa Rica’s most-famous, active volcano. Our experienced, bilingual naturalist guide will point out interesting plants and wildlife in the vibrant primary and secondary rainforest of the El Silencio nature reserve that skirts the Arenal Volcano National Park.

Whitewater & Wildlife - Rafting Rio Balsa Class 2-3

Whitewater & Wildlife - Rafting Rio Balsa Class 2-3 with Traditional Lunch

Whitewater & Wildlife - Rafting Rio Balsa Class 2-3
Mountain Bike: Hills, Pueblos and Swimming Holes

Hills, Pueblos & Swimming Holes (Challenging)

This moderate-to challenging ride takes you along backroads and windy hills as you pass through quaint, little countryside pueblos. Your experienced guide will have you make stops at some fun swimming holes to cool off and take a breather. The Arenal Volcano-area is ripe with amazing backroads for some fun rides. You’ll end with a nice Cultour traditional cultural lunch and are invited to swim in the fresh Fortuna River. You’ll cover about 25 kilometers on this picturesque ride.

Cultour Deluxe Culinary Tiquicias Cooking Class

Cultour Deluxe Culinary Tiquicias Cooking Class

The best way to understand a country is through its cuisine!

At La Casona Rio Fortuna, we give you the opportunity to learn to cook on a wooden stove the typical Costa Rican way! Cooking classes are held by a local family with a profound knowledge of the preparation of typical dishes.

They will guide you, making your learning process a fast and efficient one. You’ll have all of the tools you’ll need – it’s the perfect environment to learn the joy of cooking!

Enjoy the warmth of our historic country estate while you prepare and do test-tries of delicious typical dishes prepared on an original wood-burning stove. You can pick between cooking your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Recipe book and cooking kits available for sale – optional.

Departs: 8:00am, 10am, 1pm (depends on hotel location)

Includes: Transportation, culinary class, a welcome drink of “guaro,” visit to the Sugar Cane Mill, your choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

What to bring: camera, comfortable shoes, an appetite for delicious homemade Costa Rican food and the best coffee ever


Mountain Bike Volcano + Lake (Moderate)

We’ll take a moderate-level guided ride near the base of Volcano Arenal and along Lake Arenal. Get excellent views of volcano and surrounding jungle and farmlands.

Cultour Cultural Experience Tour and Visit to Sugar Cane Mill

Cultour Cultural Experience Tour and Visit to Sugar Cane Mill

Visitors will experience a lost piece in the past of Costa Rica and at the same time get a real understanding of daily rural life. The Cultour Cultural Experience Tour brings you into true contact with Costa Rican workers, here in the rarely-visited Arenal countryside. Experience the real Costa Rica!

Cultour Tortilla Making Tour

Cultour Tortilla Making Tour

Tortilla-Making Class with a visit to an authentic

Costa Rican Sugar Cane Mill

The tortilla is one of the most popular items in Costa Rica cuisine, and is an important staple in the Costa Rican diet.

You’ll be involved in the creative process of converting maize (corn) into cornmeal for the purpose of making tortillas and become familiar with food from our natural, “No Artificial Ingredients” Costa Rican culture.

Chocolate Tour: “Gift of the Gods!”

Chocolate Tour: “Gift of the Gods!”

Enjoy the sweetest rainforest experience as you discover the ancient secrets of chocolate! Learn about the discovery of chocolate in tropical America and its use. You’ll watch the whole chocolate-making process right at the base of the majestic Arenal Volcano.

Chocolate was considered “a Gift of the Gods” by early indigenous communities throughout the Americas. The cacao tree was very important to the ancient culture – it was not only used as a ceremonial drink, but its seeds were also used as currency because of its economic value, in many regions of Mesoamerica, including Costa Rica.

In this 2-hour, “hands-on” tour, you will have the opportunity to learn interesting aspects of cacao and chocolate production including its origin and history, as well as participating in all aspects of the production process, from harvesting the fruit, drying and grinding the seeds, and developing of the traditional drink of our ancestors, and of course enjoying some delicious, high quality organic chocolate.

Enjoy a journey through the history, culture, traditions and flavor of chocolate from Costa Rica.

Departs: 8:00am, 10am, 1pm (depends on hotel location)

Includes: guide, transportation, chocolate tour                          Duration: Approx. 2 hours

What to bring: bug repellent, camera, walking shoes, an appetite for delicious chocolate

Arenal Coffee Tour

Arenal Coffee Tour

We believe bringing you in direct contact with our traditions and experiencing them is the best way to learn about them. We give you the opportunity to learn firsthand about coffee. This Coffee Experience takes you back to the golden times where coffee was sun dried and roasted by hand on top of a wood-burning stove.

Your visit takes place on a small demonstration coffee farm near the Arenal Volcano. You will be picked up from you hotel and then be personally guided to the coffee field where we explain the entire cycle of coffee growing.

After a cool glass of freshly-made juice, you will walk about 30 feet to visit our small nursery where the sprouts that renew our plantation are grown and you’ll likely be able to plant your own coffee tree.

We then go to the “parijuelas” where the coffee is sun dried. Here the coffee is turned over and the bad beans are filtered out. You’ll learn the importance of the drying process, especially the role of sun light in shaping an outstanding flavor in coffee.

We will head back to the coffee roasting warehouse and roast coffee in a 70-year-old wood burning stove using a turn of the century hand roaster. Then, we will grind the fresh-roasted coffee beans in a grinding machine dating from 1875. The final stage prior to the tasting is the brewing of the coffee that we just ground. Old fashioned Costa Rican brewing bags (socks) are used for each of the three roasts. This is a must for coffee lovers!

After a relaxing test try of your coffee blends, we take you back to your hotel.

Departs: 11:00am and 1pm (depends on hotel location)

Includes: guide, transportation

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

What to bring: bug repellent, camera, walking shoes and an appetite for delicious coffee


Horseback to the La Fortuna Waterfalls in La Fortuna

Costa Rica horseback riding is a favorite activity among travelers. On this horseback ride to the La Fortuna Waterfall and Indigenous Village, you will see the spectacular Arenal Volcano and dormant Cerro Chato Volcano off in the distance with gorgeous, lush, green countryside all around.

The horses are sturdy and friendly quarter horses bred for tourism and are well-adapted to the wet, jungle environment of Costa Rica. Our horse provider, Lobo’s Tours, takes good care of their horses. The horses are well-maintained and this is an easy-going, slow ride, great for first-timers and families and adaptable for all horse riding abilities. There are also helmets and children’s seats available. (NOTE: Costa Rican horses are slightly smaller and appear skinnier than most Western horse breeds.)

You’ll start from the horse corral where you get introduced to the horse that best fits you based on riding experience and size. You then mount your horse and head to the trails that lead through the forest near the top of the La Fortuna Waterfall. You’ll be horseback riding to the La Fortuna Waterfall with an experienced Costa Rican cowboy and practice your Spanish along the way. He’ll point out some of the Costa Rican wildlife as you trot along.

After horseback riding for about 1 hour through jungle trails, you will “park” your horse and head with your guide through the forest and down about 300 steps to get to the famous La Fortuna Waterfall. The hike down to the La Fortuna Waterfall takes about 20 minutes and requires walking over rocks and crossing a river. You’ll have an opportunity to cool off in the rushing waters at the base of one of the Arenal Volcano area’s largest waterfalls. After the hike down, make your way up the same trail. You’ll then mount your horse and continue back through the woods and make a stop at a replica of a Maleku Indigenous tribe “palenque” or thatched-roof cabin to learn a little about one of Costa Rica’s few, remaining indigenous tribes that originates from the Arenal Volcano area. They will exhibit their traditional, indigenous handicrafts and tell you a little about their culture and language. Bring a little extra spending money to buy some authentic crafts to help support the Maleku community.

You’ll finish off your ride to the La Fortuna Waterfall back at the horse corral and say goodbye to your Costa Rican cowboy. This is a great way to spend a half-day in the Arenal Volcano area. The Horseback Ride to the La Fortuna Waterfall can also be combined with our Lost Canyon Adventures Canyoneering tour for a full-day COMBO at a special price. This will be one of your favorite days in Costa Rica near the Arenal Volcano!

Departs: 8:00am and 1:00pm                    Duration: approximately 4 hours (2-hours riding)

Includes: Transport, guide, nice horses, helmet, waterfall and Maleku Village entrance.

What to bring: Secure shoes, long pants, repellent, clothes to get wet in, change of clothes, extra spending money for Maleku souvenirs

Horse riding along the Base of the Arenal Volcano

Horseback along the Base of the Arenal Volcano

A great tour for horse lovers in Costa Rica when you are staying near the Arenal Volcano!

Do an easy-going horseback ride along the base of the majestic Arenal Volcano on well-trained, healthy horses. As you ride your horse near the Arenal Volcano, you will pass through various types of terrain including gorgeous rainforest and ride across small, tropical rivers as you get to the look-out point of the Arenal Volcano.

Arenal MAMBO COMBO Tour: Rappel + Raft

Go canyoning and rafting in near the Arenal Volcano all in the same day. This Costa Rica combo-tour is one of the most popular tours in Costa Rica because you’ll get to experience two of the best and most adrenaline-pumping adventures….

Arenal Mambo Combo Tour: Rappel + Rafting
COMBO: Rafting + Cultour + Hot Springs + Dinner

COMBO Rafting Río Balsa + Cultour Traditional Lunch + Los Lagos Hot Springs + Dinner

Rafting Class 2-3 on the Beautiful Río Balsa - this half-day river trip has a great blend of Nature + Adventure + Costa Rican Culture – perfect for first-timers & families! Rafting on the Río Balsa gives you amazing wildlife and plenty of whitewater fun right near the base of the Arenal Volcano! Challenge yourself as you paddle through fun & safe rolling rapids with names like “Congo Loco” & “Rock around the Croc” and the very technical and challenging “Las Dragas” section. Then play around in tranquil river pools in an isolated rainforest river canyon!

Your professional, experienced bilingual guides will give you a safety talk and paddling instruction, lifejackets, helmets & then you’re off…

You’ll get to see lots of wildlife like monkeys, sloths and tropical birds such as ospreys, Oropendolas and toucans. This unique river trip is the best way to combine adventure and nature. We call this our “Whitewater & Wildlife” tour – kids love this… so will you!

After nearly 25, fun, easy-rolling rapids, you’ll have some delicious fresh fruit and end at our private take out to change into your dry clothes in our dressing rooms. We then take you to La Casona Río Fortuna for a delicious, “Cultour” home-cooked, traditional Costa Rican meal! This will be your favorite meal in Costa Rica! Be sure to bring along a little extra money to buy homemade crafts and delicious “moonshine.”

Once you are all set to leave the enchanting La Casona after lunch, it’s time to relax in the soothing, natural hot springs of Los Lagos. There are a variety of different-temperature pools, slides, swim-up bars and many more things to keep you entertained. After spending so much time in the water, you’ll be hungry again and be treated to an all-you-can-eat buffet in the Los Lagos restaurant. What a great way to spend your day near the Arenal Volcano on your Costa Rican vacation!

Tour Logistics

Departs for rafting: 11:00am (varies according to hotel location)

Duration: Full-day (approximately 8 hours)

Includes: Transport to/from hotel for rafting and hot springs, fun & professional guides who love what they do, tropical fruit break, delicious, home-cooked “Cultour” traditional late lunch, private river entrance & exit with changing rooms and bathrooms, towel and entrance and dinner at Los Lagos Hot Springs.

What to bring: Clothes to get wet in, change of clothes, secure shoes, a little extra spending money to buy a photo CD, beer, t-shirts and other souvenirs plus a big smile

COMBO: Canyoneering + Horse ride to the La Fortuna Waterfall

Canyoneering + Horse ride to the
La Fortuna Waterfall

Lost Canyon Adventures Canyoneering + Horseback riding to the La Fortuna Waterfall

On this innovative COMBO tour, we’ll keep you busy all day long doing two of La Fortuna’s most-popular activities: Canyoning in the Lost Canyon and horseback riding to the famous La Fortuna Waterfall!

Want to make the very most of your Costa Rica vacation and fulfill your adventure dreams along the way? Well then you MUST try canyoneering in the Lost Canyon near the Arenal Volcano and then finish the afternoon by riding on nice horses to the famous La Fortuna Waterfall — you get to see the Arenal Volcano area’s most-amazing waterfalls on these two, highly-recommended waterfall-inspired adventures in Costa Rica.

We recommend you go canyoneering first to take advantage of a full-day of lots of adventure and fun. We’ll pick you up at your hotel and then head to the starting point of the rugged, Costa Rican backroads where you “Jungle Limos” are waiting for you! You’ll drive about 20 minutes to the Lost Canyon base camp to suit up in your harness, helmet and gloves. Get a thorough safety talk and you’re off! Prepare to get wet on this incredible, waterfall rappel adventure — you’ll do a little rappelling, you’ll jump into pools, down down-climbing and river trace a gorgeous rainforest canyon adventure park. Two of the zipline-guided rappels are more than 150-ft high!

You’ll hike back out to the Canyon House to shower off and change into your dry clothes. You’ll then be treated to an excellent, full-on, natural buffet for lunch!

The adventure has just begun because then your Costa Rica cowboy will pick you up at and take you to the horse corral to board your horse. You horse ride through the forest to the La Fortuna Waterfall. You can then hike down to the falls and take a dip in the cool, rushing waters. When you’re ready, hike back up to the top of the La Fortuna Waterfall canyon to the restrooms to change into your dry clothes. You then ride back out along well-groomed trails on well-cared-for horses.

Departure: 7:00am (depending on hotel pick-up location)

Includes: Two exciting adventure tours: Lost Canyon Adventures and Horseback Ride to the La Fortuna Waterfall

Duration Approximately: 8 hours

COMBO: The Desafío Nature Combination 6x1

The Desafío Nature Combination 6×1

You’ll enjoy a full-day of natural beauty near the
Arenal Volcano

There are so many things to see and do in the Arenal Volcano area so we decided to combine 6 things into one day of serious fun near La Fortuna.

COMBO: COSTA RICA ADVENTURE Rappel + Zip Line All in one day

Combo Rappel + Zip line
All in one day!!

You’ll get a full-day of pure adrenaline…

Lost Canyon Adventures Canyoneering + Canopy Zipline Tour Combine Costa Rica’s most-exciting canyoneering adventure with a Canopy Zipline Tour for your BEST day in Costa Rica!

COMBO Arenal Highlights: Hanging Bridges + Waterfall + Lunch + Volcano

Arenal Highlights COMBO
Arenal Hanging Bridges + La Fortuna Waterfall
+ Lunch, Volcano Hike

The perfect COMBO to see the Arenal Volcano Area’s most-popular attractions!

COMBO: Arenal Coffee and Chocolate Tour

Arenal Coffee & Chocolate COMBO

Enjoy a journey through the history, culture, traditions and flavor of chocolate from Costa Rica.

COMBO: La Fortuna Waterfall + Chocolate Tour

COMBO – La Fortuna Waterfall + Chocolate Tour

There are so many things to do near the Arenal Voclano, we thought we’d combine two of what we consider some of the most-interesting activities: a nature hike to the La Fortuna Waterfall and a delicious Chocolate-tasting tour!

Taxi Boat Taxi between Monteverde and Arenal


Shuttles & Taxi Boats Monteverde Cloud Forest to:

Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna

Santa Elena to: Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna

Taxi Boats, Shuttles and Private VIP Direct Services

Services: Taxi Boat (Jeep Boat Jeep)





8:00 a.m.

11:00 a.m.

2:00 p.m.

5:00 p.m.

2 Departures per day, in the morning and in the afternoon for the Taxi Boat Service also known as the Jeep Boat Jeep or Van Boat Van Service.

Pick up from main hotels in Monteverde and Santa Elena, drop off directly to Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna Hotels.

This is the base rate, extra fees may apply depending on the locations for the hotels you will be staying for pick up and drop off.

Advance reservations required.

→ Book Now

Rate: $30 US
By Land: Shared Shuttles & Private Service
Shared Shuttles Departure at 1:30pm, arriving at 5:30pm.

Pick up from main hotels in Monteverde & Santa Elena, drop off directly to your hotel in Arenal Volcano La Fortuna area.

This is a shared shuttle service, stoping at different locations to pick up and drop off other passengers. It includes a break/stop for restroom, restaurant, etc. Advance reservations required.

 Rate: $49 US  
Private Service  

This is a private service with your own driver and own vehicle door to door.

At the time of your election our driver will go to the location of your preference to pick you up from there you will be assisted.

If needed we will stop in a restaurant, supermarket or drugstore.

Rate for the service, not person. from 1 up to 6 passengers. You will be drop off directly at the location of your preference.  

Advance reservations required

→ Book Now

Travel Time: 4hrs
Rate: $200 US

Want or need to Rental a Car instead of a Shuttle?

Costa Rica Car Rental Rates 

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