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MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE: Single-Track Madness Near the Arenal Volcano

MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDE: Single-Track Madness Near the Arenal Volcano (Challenging)

It’s got all the perfect elements for an excellent mountain bike ride in Costa Rica — ride through farmland, deep rain forest, cross rivers and mud puddles. You’ll go up and down hills and feel the rush of adrenaline as you finish this intense, 16-km trail with amazing views all around you!

We just discovered this awesome single-track trail near the the Arenal Volcano National Park and you’re going to love it! You’ll have spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano and impressive forests that surround you!

We pick you up at your hotel and drive toward the Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal to a private farm that has been specially designed for ardent mountain bikers. We’ll get you fitted with your good-quality Cannondale bike with suspension and nice fat tires. Don your helmet and gloves, get a safety speech, double-check the map and then you’re off on a sweet, hardcore, guided-mountain bike ride near the Arenal Volcano!

We call it Singe-Track Madness because the trails are challenging and fun. This mountain bike ride near the Arenal Volcano comes with a guide, snacks and transportation. All you need to bring is your stamina and sense of adventure!

Includes: Brand-name professional suspension mountain bikes, gloves, helmets, bike guide, transport, snack

Duration Approximately: 4 hours

Please note: there is no support vehicle on this trail as it takes you into the forest and is inaccessible to regular vehicles. Not for the faint of heart