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Cultour Tortilla Making Tour

Cultour Tortilla Making Tour

Tortilla-Making Class with a visit to an authentic

Costa Rican Sugar Cane Mill

The tortilla is one of the most popular items in Costa Rica cuisine, and is an important staple in the Costa Rican diet.

You’ll be involved in the creative process of converting maize (corn) into cornmeal for the purpose of making tortillas and become familiar with food from our natural, “No Artificial Ingredients” Costa Rican culture.

You will have your own dough ball to shape into a tortilla. The local cooks in charge of the kitchen will then place the tortillas on the wood-stove.

You will also be involved in the process of measuring and mixing, plus making the Cultour famous Green Papaya Picadillo recipe.

When cool, you get to fill your tortilla with your Picadillo and eat it! Yum!

And the best way to enjoy your homemade tortilla is to accompany it with Cultour’s very own Great Premium Reserve Coffee made fresh by pouring by the hot water into the cotton filter of “pea berry” ground coffee. The very best of the best coffee beans in the world!

Departs: 8:00am, 10am, 1pm (depends on hotel location)

Includes: guide, transportation, Tortilla-making, coffee, a welcome drink of “guaro,” visit to the Sugar Cane Mill

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

What to bring: camera, comfortable shoes, an appetite for delicious homemade Costa Rican food and the best coffee ever