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Arenal Coffee Tour

Arenal Coffee Tour

We believe bringing you in direct contact with our traditions and experiencing them is the best way to learn about them. We give you the opportunity to learn firsthand about coffee. This Coffee Experience takes you back to the golden times where coffee was sun dried and roasted by hand on top of a wood-burning stove.

Your visit takes place on a small demonstration coffee farm near the Arenal Volcano. You will be picked up from you hotel and then be personally guided to the coffee field where we explain the entire cycle of coffee growing.

After a cool glass of freshly-made juice, you will walk about 30 feet to visit our small nursery where the sprouts that renew our plantation are grown and you’ll likely be able to plant your own coffee tree.

We then go to the “parijuelas” where the coffee is sun dried. Here the coffee is turned over and the bad beans are filtered out. You’ll learn the importance of the drying process, especially the role of sun light in shaping an outstanding flavor in coffee.

We will head back to the coffee roasting warehouse and roast coffee in a 70-year-old wood burning stove using a turn of the century hand roaster. Then, we will grind the fresh-roasted coffee beans in a grinding machine dating from 1875. The final stage prior to the tasting is the brewing of the coffee that we just ground. Old fashioned Costa Rican brewing bags (socks) are used for each of the three roasts. This is a must for coffee lovers!

After a relaxing test try of your coffee blends, we take you back to your hotel.

Departs: 11:00am and 1pm (depends on hotel location)

Includes: guide, transportation

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

What to bring: bug repellent, camera, walking shoes and an appetite for delicious coffee